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Growing up along the Rhine in Arnhem, The Netherlands, my passion for cooking developed early. I was frequently found working by my mother's side as she prepared the family meals. My enduring appreciation for fresh and local ingredients began with our trips to the farmers markets in Arnhem, where seafood, meat, and produce were abundant, fresh, and always delicious.

Chef Marcel As a young boy, I decided there were two goals I wanted to fulfill: becoming a chef, and becoming a member of the Royal Dutch Navy. Though seemingly incongruous dreams, I eventually found a way to achieve both simultaneously. After graduating from culinary school in the Netherlands I joined the Royal Dutch Navy. I built upon my culinary school training by working as a chef on large ships, and further rounded out my education with dietician training, nursing, and fire rescue. My time in the navy provided me with adventure and educational opportunities I could not have experienced anywhere else. After eight years as a navy chef, I decided to embark on my civilian culinary career.

I first worked for a freelance chef agency, which provided opportunities for me to develop my craft in many different settings, such as four-star restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, kosher kitchens in Amsterdam, and even theme parks. That time was full of great experiences for me, and I acquired a host of new skills working in such varied environments and with numerous excellent chefs.

After marrying my lovely wife, we settled in her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. I was fortunate to have had an instrumental role in the opening of a fine dining restaurant before working as a Sous Chef for a large caterer. Following that, I began working for another large catering institution as an Executive Chef. My varied experiences and lifelong passion for the culinary arts has led me to where I am today: excited to offer my personal catering services to you. Please contact Chef Marcel Fine Catering and find out how we can bring our many years of experience to your table!